SELT Tours

At SELT Tours we recognize the need for short-term programs that help build language skills. These programs compliment a full time school course of study, and can help bring a deeper understanding for the student.

We know that formal education is made more effective when language skills are sharpened in ways the student is actually using the language, in addition to classroom experience.

The life experiences which area a part of the founders of SELT help to develop tremendous programs for students of all ages and background. Our tours help to give the participant a wider understanding of the language, and then apply it to their place in life. Sometimes this is school, work, or play. All aspects of life are affected.

Steps to the World

Our Work Team

Sherree Herdman
Sherree Herdman, Educational Director

Bachelor of Education (primary)
Master of Education, Educational Administration

More than 20 years of classroom teaching experience in 4 countries
Principal for 12 years, in 3 countries
Curriculum Advisor to teachers in 2 countries
International student recruitment leader with agents in over 25 countries

Sherree has spent the majority of her career dealing with students and teachers in schools where multiple languages were spoken. She deeply understands the needs of the ESL student, and how the student feels when they are facing a new cultural setting.

She is just as adept at understanding teachers and curriculum which is presented to the students. Her ability to evaluate a school, and determine if the level of instruction will meet the needs of the international student is what insures that SELT can offer a high quality set of tours.

Experience in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, as well as smaller countries such as Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, has provided her with the expertise needed to provide the educational leadership for SELT.

Shari Lamont Day
Shari Lamont Day, Tour Director

Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Master of Arts, Educational Administration

20 years of international education experience
School Director for 4 years, at one of the largest ESL schools in the United States with Aspect Education and Kaplan International
4 years' experience working in American University System
8 years' experience operating the Summer Work and Travel J1 visa program for numerous visa sponsors
CEO and Co-Founder of LifExchange
International student recruitment leader with agents in over 25 countries

Shari is dedicated to creating programs that are cultural and educational in nature. She builds opportunity for young people to learn and grow both academically and personally as global citizens. Through strong partnerships around the world and strong ties with American businesses, her experience and past students truly spans the globe.