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Why Tours Work

A language is more than words. More than pictures, letters, punctuation, and usage. A language represents people, culture, and history. Each language also contains pieces of other languages. This makes connections to other people, places, events and times. Learning another language requires vocubulary and correct word usage. But to truly understand the words, you must connect with the people, the places where and how they live.

Tours enhance your learning experience by immersing you into the places where the people live, work, and play. This deepens your understanding and enhances retention.


How did you learn your first language? By hearing and speaking. That is the best way to learn your next language, too. We start the beginner off in a conversational setting, a comfortable place with smiles and friendships. Good communication starts with good friends.


For those who already have a working knowledge of a second language, the next step is to improve it. Widen the vocabulary, reduce the accent. Increase reading and writing comprehension and accuracy. And along the way increase the interaction with the real world of the English language.


Congratulations, you know English. Now you need to increase your specialized vocabulary. You know what area you will study. You need to deepen your English skills in that field. Being prepared for the speed of intense study is critical to success at the higher levels.